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Motoro Stingray 8''-10''

Motoro Stingray 8''-10''

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Most freshwater rays can be kept at a pH between 6.8 and 7.6, alkalinity between 1° and 4° (18ppm to 70 ppm) and temperature between 75° and 82° F. Ammonia and nitrite levels should always be zero and nitrates below 10 ppm. Young species eat live or frozen blood worm, tubifex, brine shrimps, prawns, etc., while adult ones should be fed with the food of larger size. It can be whole mussels, shellfishes, prawns, calamaries or fish juveniles (or some other fresh fish), and earthworms. Diverse diest is a must to keep the motoro stingray in its best condition. Rays are one of the main predators in ecosystems where they dwell in the wild, and it’s not safe to keep them together with most of the other fish kinds in a tank. Their tank mates should be large enough not to become food for them, but peaceful enough as well not to bite rays or steal their food

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